Donna Itriya’s production manager has a working experience that began 30 years ago. The passion and attraction for production allowed him to make his way in the direction of production departments as a pasta maker first, then head of a team, up to holding the roles of head of production of some renowned Sicilian artisan pasta factories.

As a veteran master pasta maker, he also worked as a consultant for almost all Sicilian artisan pasta factories, from east to west, from north to south of the island, specializing in the drying technique of artisan pasta factories that use Ancient Grains.


These are the simple and ancient ingredients of an artisanal pasta.But, for a superior quality pasta, there is also the absolute need for a careful selection of grains and excellent raw materials.

Donna Itriya’s is a short supply chain drawn from the field to the table, which is kept within the boundaries of the island. Only durum wheat with a 100% Sicilian heart and ancient Sicilian organic grains are used.

There are more than 50 ancient grains and are notoriously grains that are unrivaled in terms of quality and wholesomeness. Donna Itriya’s fortune is therefore to be able to afford a selection of the best grains in the world!

Ancient wheat has a protein value that fluctuates between 13% and 15%, much higher than normal modern grains, and a gluten content of 9%, much lower than grains from other sources; however, ancient grains have a lower yield on the fields, which is why they are grown little and have a much higher market value than any other type of grain.

But quality, you know, cannot be derogated from if you want to achieve excellence. “



Slow drying and low temperature always represent a guarantee for the pasta drying process, but a lot depends on the air that is used in the entire process.

Attention is paid to the healthiness of the production environment and to the air that the cells absorb from the surrounding rooms.

The pasta is dried with the air and the Donna Itriya plant is located between the green hills and the sea, so the air, as well as being healthy, filtered and controlled, is able to naturally flavor the pasta with the unmistakable aroma of the Sicilian island.


Donna Itriya’s collaborators have worked on average for over 10 years in the packaging sector of different Sicilian pasta factories, both artisan and industrial, also carrying out the duties of warehouse and logistics managers.

They have experience in packaging in different market sectors, using machinery with different times and capacities: from 80 strokes per minute and equipped with 15 scales (packaging machines for industrial pasta) to those of 15 strokes per minute and equipped with 2 scales (packaging machines for artisanal pasta).

They are the operators of the Donna Itriya artisan pasta factory, operational consultants for the policy of sustainability of the materials used in the packaging process.

They are masters in taking care of the entire process in relation to the type of product to be made, with the vision of its final version and how it can find space in the hearts and kitchens of consumers.