Donna Itriya’s production manager has a working experience that began 30 years ago. The passion and attraction for production allowed him to make his way in the direction of production departments as a pasta maker first, then head of a team, up to holding the roles of head of production of some renowned Sicilian artisan pasta factories.

As a veteran master pasta maker, he also worked as a consultant for almost all Sicilian artisan pasta factories, from east to west, from north to south of the island, specializing in the drying technique of artisan pasta factories that use Ancient Grains.


These are the simplest and most ancient ingredients of an artisan pasta, but in order to achieve a superior  quality pasta there is also an absolute need of a careful selection of grains. Donna itriya’s is a short chain,  traced from the field to table. The wheat used are 100% Sicilian durum: they are organic ancient Sicilian  grains. There are more than 50 ancient grains and notoriously they are grains that are unrivaled in terms of  quality and wholesomeness. Donna itriya’s most competitive feature is that she can afford it a selection of  the best grains in the world! Ancient wheat has a protein value ranging between 12% and 15%, significantly  higher than normal modern grains and a gluten index significantly lower than other grains provenance;  however, ancient grains have a much lower yield on the fields, for this reason they are cultivated little and  have a value of market significantly higher than any other type of wheat. But quality, as we know, cannot be  something we derogate from if we want to achieve the excellence.  


Slow drying at low temperature always represents a guarantee for the process of pasta drying, but a lot  depends from the air that is used in the entire process. Attention goes to the healthiness of the  environment production and the air that cells absorb from surrounding area. Donna itriya’s pasta is air  dried, and the factory is located between the green hills and the sea, so the air, in addition to being healthy,  filtered and controlled, is able to naturally flavor the pasta with the unmistakable aroma of the Sicilian  Island. The drying process follows the tradition of artisanal pasta factories which is very different from  industrial process. ù

In fact, the artisanal pasta factories operate in long times ranging from 17 to 48 hours  and more, depending on the formats employed. Drying takes place at low temperatures, no later than 45  degrees Celsius, maximum threshold for not altering the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the  product.


Pasta is certainly the most representative food of Italy in the world, but not all pastas are produced  following the same method, using the same raw materials and processed by the same master pasta makers.  Donna itriya’s production team is highly qualified and follows the ancient know-how of the artisanal  method of dry pasta in all stages of production: from the selection of the semolina to the packaging, all  within our pasta factory.

Our master pasta makers boast a very long working experience, driven by the  passion and attraction for the production of this extraordinary gastronomic richness, specialized in the  drying phase in static cells. Sustainability of materials and attention to aesthetics are the keywords of the  packaging process entirely managed within our factory. Masters in taking care of the entire process in  relation to the type of product to be created, with the vision of its final version and how it can find space in  the hearts and kitchens of consumers.