Quality is the goal to be achieved every day, starting from the great tradition of the area, from a past of  incredible pasta makers, of wonderful raw materials, of punctual and wide gesture repeated endlessly.  Today the tradition is renewed, through a new vision of production, ready to satisfy larger and more  competitive markets, bringing the great Sicilian quality everywhere.


Pasta is a miracle of artisanal method. Wise gestures, always the same, the bronze dies that give a rough  product, capable of marrying with any seasoning, the correct drying time to return an intact, tenacious  pasta. The next step is to guarantee the same process, healthy and traditional.

This is Donna itriya’s  challenge: a technologically advanced production that does not derogate from what the artisan tradition  has given us. 



Research has led to the choice innovative and cutting-edge technologies. It is the modern revival of  Artisanal method, with a modern and current entrepreneurial eye.

The standard set is very high, the raw  material is selected, followed step by step from the beginning of the cultivation, to the harvest, to the  milling. Efficiency, protocols, attention and control are Donna itriya’s watchwords, in the entrepreneurial  revival of the great artisan tradition.  



Tria was born from the impulse of a close-knit group of successful entrepreneurs and professionals of the  Sicilian landscape who share a burning passion for their land. Their mission is to promote the authentic  gastronomic culture that is its expression.

The goal, that keeps the group, is to give life to a product that can  be a symbol of excellence and uniqueness, which represents a quality approach to contemporary  gastronomic culture. “Donna itriya” is a tribute to the “itriya” that saw the light of its own in this territory.

In  the logo is flanked the figure of a woman’s profile, a both tribute to the Sicilian land’s fertility and a symbol  of the family nucleus that in the daily imagination meets to have a meal in the domestic fireplace’s intimacy. 

The unity of purpose summed up in this symbol is the desire to propose an excellent artisan pasta, made  with semolina, one of the best grains that grows spontaneously on the island and is mixed with pure water  that dried it slowly at low temperatures thanks to the patience of best of master’s pasta makers that for  generations had taken care of this gastronomic, cultural and historical richness.

Tria, with its own Donna  itriya pasta factory, is the embodiment of a tradition neglected for too long: both the honor and the burden  of bringing to light the foundations of the original pasta making art with the intention of perfecting it  through the use of latest generation machinery, capable of creating an impeccable manufactured product,  respecting its own deeply crafted feature. Donna itriya accounts for the story of the pasta’s origin all over  the world.  


He was born in the Sicilian capital in 1993, he studies law with at the University of Bologna where he  graduated, he had obtained also an international PhD in law and policies of the European Union and in  competition law achieved through a Master of Laws.

In life, Salvo is an entrepreneur, traveler, lover of  nature, the arts and boating. He’s always been eager to spread the excellence of his land in the world,  focusing on a product that always has accompanied his life since childhood in the country of Casteldaccia:  the pasta. ” My academic and professional career has allowed me to live in different cities and move to  different countries, so I always kept in mind and in a very intense ways during the years, until to realize that  I would like to return in the place that I consider the most beautiful and enigmatic place in the world.

This  choice was driven by the desire to help reveal the face of a land that has always offered and still has so  much to offer.

I am aware that I come from a territory deeply dedicated to the gastronomic tradition, home  of the finest grains; hence the desire to create a product that represents excellence and sicilianity in the  world to become, together with my partners, ambassadors of our splendid island and its unmistakable  flavors.

Donna itriya is a rediscovery of origins, a journey through the senses.”