100% Sicilian durum wheat semolina pasta. Porous surface, given by bronze drawing. Firm texture thanks to the quality of our semolina. Dried slowly at low temperature.


COOKING TIME – 10 minutes al dente.

NET WEIGHT – 500 g.

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The long pasta shapes of Donna Itriya’s traditional line are the emblem of the oldest Sicilian pasta-making tradition. Laid on 60cm rods, dried for over 24 hours, and packaged while preserving the intact arch shape, which is synonymous with artisanal craftsmanship, care, and elegance. The natural roughness is achieved through the use of the best bronze dies, while the hint of straw-yellow color is the result of the blend of our carefully selected semolina, with a coarse particle size and an unmistakable aroma. These selected semolina are obtained from milling Sicilian durum wheat grains.