Donna Itriya was a partner of Maretti Editore for the book “The Michelin Stars” in which are placed the best Italian tables reported over the years by the famous Michelin Guide.
The work, precious and careful, comes from the publisher Manfredi Nicolò Maretti, who this time also plays the role of the author.

As we read in the preface by Paolo Marchi “The Italian restaurant should erect a temple to the Red, show gratitude just like Manfredi Nicolò Maretti did. This young publisher of Imola, after the publication of the volume edited by Maurice von Greenfields, aka Maurizio Campiverdi, dedicated to those in the world who have reached the paradise of the Three Stars, has written the one reserved for all the stars of our house, from 1959 to 2021”.

It is a genuine work of consultation, drawn up in a well-defined order, which comprehensively spans the 63 years of the Michelin Guide in its Italian edition. A publication designed for lovers of fine cuisine, and for those who have the curiosity to know the Italian restaurant celebrated over the years by the iconic Red Guide.

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